Air compressor overheating 101

Posted by Ed Powell on

Air compressor overheating can come from several factors. 

  1. Low oil level. Oil is the life blood of most anything that uses it. Be sure the compressor has plenty of oil based on the manufactures recommendations.
  2. Compressor location. An air compressor needs space to dissipate heat. Compressors located on closets, small rooms or in an area with things piled around it are candidates to build up excessive heat. Be sure the compressor is in a well ventilated area. If you can install exhaust fans in the walls or turbines in the roof.
  3. Inter-cooler, after-coolers and compressor cylinder fins caked with gunk. This can happen depending on what you company manufactures. Air compressors may mist some oil so woodworking or dusty environments will have a tendency to cake up around fins. Keep the fins cleaned out