More Troubleshooting

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Compressor trips due to over temperature

Compressor operating above rated pressure.

Set pressure to correct rating for machine.

Package pre–filter blocked.

Clean / replace package pre–filter.

Cooler blocked.

Clean cooler.

Missing or incorrectly fitted enclosure panels

Ensure that all enclosure panels are correctly fitted

Low coolant level.

Top up coolant and check for leaks.

High ambient temperature.

Re–site compressor.

Restricted cooling air flow.

Ensure correct air flow to compressor.

Excessive coolant consumption

Separator cartridge leak.

Fit new Separator cartridge.

Blocked separator cartridge drain.

† Remove fittings and clean.

Compressor operating below rated pressure.

Set pressure to correct rating for machine.

Coolant system leak.

† Fix leaks.

Excessive noise level

Air system leaks.

† Fix leaks.

Airend defective.

† Change Airend.

Drive belt slipping.

Replace belt and tensioner.

Motor defective.

† Replace motor.

Loose components.

† Retighten loose items.

Shaft seal leaking

Defective shaft seal.

† Fit Airend shaft seal kit.

Pressure relief valve opens

Defective switch or incorrect pressure switch setting.

Replace or set pressure to correct rating for machine.

Minimum pressure valve malfunction.

† Fit Minimum pressure valve service kit.

Load solenoid valve defective.

† Fit load solenoid service kit.

Blowdown valve defective.

† Fit blowdown solenoid service kit.

Inlet valve malfunction.

† Fit inlet valve service kit.

Black residue on belt guard/cooler box

Drive belt slipping.

Replace belt and tensioner.

Pulleys misaligned.

Re–align pulleys.

Worn pulleys.

† Replace pulleys and belt.

Gas strut failed.

Replace belt and tensioner.


High Dew Point (Indicator Red)

Dryer compressor or fan failed.

Check electrical supply and repair as required.

Low refrigerant charge.

Check for leaks.

High pressure switch tripped.

Check condenser coil for debris. Check fan operation. Clean / repair as required. Reset manual switch.

Low Dew Point (Indicator Blue)

OR Compressor runs unloaded with no system pressure

HGBV out of adjustment / defective.

Adjust valve or replace as required.


Never adjust thermal expansion valve. It has been factory set

Water Down stream of dryer (Indicator OK)

Restricted / defective drain valve.

Clean / replace drain valve.

Clean / replace condensate check valves.