KORE Air Compressors

If you want a Rugged, Industrial Rotary Screw Air Compressor, this KORE Compressor will take care of your facility without breaking the bank. These compressors have been the back-bone to many smaller manufacturing, automotive and granite facilities. These maybe a little larger than some other brands and that is due to their oversized components and spacious interior, which makes it easier to service. Plus, all of the Parts; PLC, Coolers, Filters, Lubricants and Hoses are stock!


  • Wye Delta Starting
  • TEFC Drive Motor
  • Air Cooled After Cooler
  • PLC Controller
  • Phase Protection



  • Reduces the In-Rush Current by 1/3
  • Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled
  • Reduces the Discharge Air Temperature
  • Digital Readout with Maintenance Alarms
  • Protection Against Phase Faults


  • Lower Energy Consumption
  • Protected from Outside Elements
  • Reduces the Amount of Water from Entering the System
  • Easier to Schedule Maintenance
  • Longevity of Electrical Items

The E-Series features state of the art technology, an asymmetric rotary screw profile, and oil injection power.  The design of this system ensures the highest performance during the compression stage, thus reducing energy consumption levels to a minimum.  The result is an excellent ratio between the actual installed power and the effective air yield, which permits considerable energy and cost savings.
Load/No Load Controls with timed shutdown offers one of the most energy efficient control systems on the market. if the compressor doesn’t see a demand within the set time limit (which can be adjusted based on your application), the compressor will completely shut down and restart after the low pressure target has been reached. 

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